1. Winding River Performs Commercial Inspections

    Winding River Inspection Services is happy to inspect any commercial property for you in Fort Collins, Loveland, and surrounding towns in Northern Colorado. We have defined a commercial property as, “the building structures and improvements located on a parcel of commercial real estate. These may include structures such as buildings with residential units operated for profit, mixed use buildings…Read More

  2. What Kind Of Inspections Does Winding River Conduct?

    Winding River Inspection Services, although the State does not regulate inspection licences, is highly qualified to perform a wide variety of inspections. From residential to commercial and many things in between, Winding River is here for you as a licensed inspector in Fort Collins. Check out all licenses and certifications here. Winding River provides inspections to ensure your home or business …Read More

  3. How Do I Choose An Inspector?

    Be prepared for a shocking fact. Take a seat if you have to. Ok, here it goes. The state of Colorado does not require home inspectors to have a state license. That means anyone can pitch a home inspection sign and wander through your home without actually knowing how to properly check for faults. This is worrisome because there are no regulations requiring inspectors to check certain areas or foll…Read More

  4. Home Inspections During A Remodel

    A residential home inspection in Northern Colorado doesn’t have to be for a new home. You can (and should) get your home inspected if you are doing any remodeling. Having a home inspector on the project from the very beginning is beneficial to ensure quality work is happening along the way. If you wait until the very end of the remodel to hire an inspector and the inspector notices a large probl…Read More

  5. Protect Your Investment

    A residential home inspection is more than just something to check off your list when you’re buying or selling a house. A home inspection is typically viewed as something to point out the major flaws in your house. However, by Colorado law a home inspection is not required before purchasing. Even more, home inspectors are not legally licensed by the state since Colorado does not offer anything o…Read More

  6. Certified By American Society Of Home Inspectors

    The state of Colorado does not require home inspectors to be licensed. Can you believe that? While some folks may take advantage of this lack of regulation, I take it upon myself to be nationally licensed as a home inspector. The people of Northern Colorado deserve a high quality inspection. The national license is through American Society of Home Inspectors. Since 1976, this non-profit organizati…Read More

  7. Top Rated Local Residential Home Inspector

    There’s something to be said about the way people talk about a business. With the help of the 21st century digital movement, people have mini pocket computers at the tips of their fingers at all times. With this comes the ability to quickly and frequently rate the places they visit. When a business performs well, they get great testimonials and referrals, and on the flip side when the business i…Read More

  8. Trust Your Licensed Inspector

    Did you know that home inspectors are not required to be licensed in the state of Colorado? That’s not good news if you’re trying to buy the cheapest house on the Northern Colorado market. Sellers can get away with selling you a property that is nowhere near the price you are paying. Inspections Are Valuable While an inspection is not lawfully required during a buy or sell of a home, it is ver…Read More

  9. Don’t Skip Inspection in this Crazy Home Buying Market

    If you’re trying to buy a house in Northern Colorado, I’m sure you’ve noticed the seemingly absurd rate at which houses are going on the market and then rapidly selling. If you’re fortunate to have found your dream house and have your offer accepted, you don’t want to mess it up by having a low-quality home inspection. Stress Free Inspection Here at Winding River Inspection Services, we …Read More

  10. Problems In A Home That Can’t Be Foreseen Part Two

    If you’ve been following our previous blog series, you already know that our previous topic revolved around problems in a home that can’t usually be foreseen by a licensed home inspector unless you specifically ask them to double check it. Here are a few more things to make sure your home inspector takes a look at when inspecting the home of your dreams. Electrical problems can be hard to catc…Read More