We hope you have been staying well, both personally and professionally, over the last several interesting months.  As we begin reopening America, your investments may be looking very different. Are you looking to make a change in your real estate investments?  Some have already invested in real estate properties or are now looking for new opportunities.  Maybe your current property investments, leases, property uses are changing, or maybe you’re looking at how to increase your bottom line or possibly to prepare to sell. Winding River Inspection Services has inspected buildings and properties of all kinds and we can help you explore and define the process. Our goal is to minimize the risk and maximize your return by providing you with insights and forward thinking.  Whether you’re investing or looking at increasing your lease ability, or to increase your salability. Below are links to share some of our services to help you with your investments, both new and old.

We provide Residential, Commercial and Industrial Building Inspections with expanded offerings:

Commercial Inspection & Consulting Services “Facility, Project & Asset Management

Residential Inspections

Specific Item Consultations: A professional opinion on the condition of one or more components for general and maintenance information. Often used to help evaluate contractor’s bids for repairs, additions, alterations, etc.

Pre-Sale/ Pre-Purchase Inspections:  A full inspection, as above, but performed for a seller prior to listing or purchasing property. This service can help in determining what items need repairs prior to selling, can help in properly pricing or negotiating purchase price.

Maintenance Inspections: Periodic inspections of the for property owners. These inspections are valuable in detecting potentially expensive repairs early and before they become serious.

Radon & Water Quality Testing

Annual Maintenance Review: 

What is an annual maintenance review? A yearly look at your home, allowing you to save money by addressing maintenance issues in a timely manner. Why a review? Cars are taken in for tune-ups, people get an annual physical check-up, in the same way, your house needs regular check-ups from home inspectors. Small problems can be easy to repair, but if left alone they can become large, costly problems. It is also important to look for problems behind the symptoms and minimize the overall damage and needed repairs.

Warranty: Who needs a warranty inspection? Anyone who purchased a new home with a builder’s warranty could benefit from an inspection before the warranty expires.

Winding River Inspection Services partners with property owners and investors to successfully navigate through changes, both short and long term.  Our licensed contractor/professional inspector is an expert with an in-depth understanding of industry standards so our clients can make confident, informed decision and maximize strategic goals.