I first met Kurt when he was strongly recommended to my wife & I by our trusted realtor while we were purchasing our home in Fort Collins. As soon as I met him, I knew that Kurt was a skilled professional and that he would do a good job assessing the condition of the property. He was very responsive to our needs and timetable which is important when contractual deadlines need to be met. What surprised me was how thorough and detailed the inspection was and the report he provided fully documented all aspects of our home. The issues were prioritized and clearly explained with photographs and recommendations (even regular maintenance tips). It is a fantastic reference for me, even to this day.

Two years later, when purchasing an office condo for my business, I immediately contacted Kurt and looked to his expert guidance once again. The factors of a shared office condo are somewhat different from a single-home purchase and Kurt once again helped me through the process. The fact that I am a twice-satisfied repeat customer of Winding River Inspection Services should tell it all. Thanks Kurt!