1. Phase Inspections In New Fort Collins Home Construction

    The Colorado economy is booming! With a booming economy comes people. And with people come the need for more houses. People are flocking to the Front Range, building homes from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins (really, everywhere in our state!). As home builders construct more and more houses, it’s imperative that the new construction is inspected for quality. New Construction and More As a lice…Read More

  2. What Kind Of Inspections Does Winding River Conduct?

    Winding River Inspection Services, although the State does not regulate inspection licences, is highly qualified to perform a wide variety of inspections. From residential to commercial and many things in between, Winding River is here for you as a licensed inspector in Fort Collins. Check out all licenses and certifications here. Winding River provides inspections to ensure your home or business …Read More

  3. Certified By American Society Of Home Inspectors

    The state of Colorado does not require home inspectors to be licensed. Can you believe that? While some folks may take advantage of this lack of regulation, I take it upon myself to be nationally licensed as a home inspector. The people of Northern Colorado deserve a high quality inspection. The national license is through American Society of Home Inspectors. Since 1976, this non-profit organizati…Read More