1. Trust Your Licensed Inspector

    Did you know that home inspectors are not required to be licensed in the state of Colorado? That’s not good news if you’re trying to buy the cheapest house on the Northern Colorado market. Sellers can get away with selling you a property that is nowhere near the price you are paying. Inspections Are Valuable While an inspection is not lawfully required during a buy or sell of a home, it is ver…Read More

  2. Problems In A Home That Can’t Be Foreseen Part Two

    If you’ve been following our previous blog series, you already know that our previous topic revolved around problems in a home that can’t usually be foreseen by a licensed home inspector unless you specifically ask them to double check it. Here are a few more things to make sure your home inspector takes a look at when inspecting the home of your dreams. Electrical problems can be hard to catc…Read More

  3. Problems In A Home That Can’t Be Foreseen

    While buying a home, it is extremely important to make sure that the house in the condition you expect. If you’re looking for a home that doesn’t need much work, it is more than vital to have a licensed home inspector on your side. Without one, you could miss common problems in a home that wouldn’t necessarily have you stopping in your tracks. However, there are some things that you must kee…Read More

  4. Celebrate A New Home In Perfect Condition

    Are you thinking that purchasing a home before Christmas would be the perfect gift for you and your family? Many people in the Northern Colorado area have been selling their houses and buying new ones like crazy! If you think that your family is ready to evolve in a bigger home that can provide safety, warmth, memories and so much more, then you need to know where to turn to to get the licensed ho…Read More