House hunting is what dreams are made of, you spend time envisioning what your dream home will look like and everything that will go inside of it. You picture your glamorous living room with a bear skin rug and satin curtains, or maybe a boho looking couch with lace valances. Whatever it is that your dreams consist of, it isn’t created overnight. As much as we would like to walk into the home of your dreams and decorate it to the nines, that is just not a very realistic expectation.

What Is Holding Your Back?

For most the answer is money.  If you have limited funds, which most of us do, it can make it extremely difficult to purchase the home of your dreams, let alone decorate it. You have a lifetime to achieve your dream home, so it is time to take a step back and re-evaluate exactly what you can afford and most importantly which house, within your budget, will make you happy. When you find a house that is either your dream home, or a step towards your dream home, be sure to hire a licensed inspector in the Loveland area to give it a once over. Once your  licensed home inspector has given you the thumbs up on this gorgeous Loveland home, it is time to think decor.

The Decor

Although you may have a certain look in mind, you may not be able to afford all of the furniture and decor that you are dreaming of upfront. Instead when you are looking at homes, imagine how your current furniture will fit into the home. You can always upgrade later. It is important to live within your means to keep stress levels low. Find things that you really love and work towards one new piece at a time.