1. Planning Advice for New Refrigerant Regulations

    Planning advice based on the New Refrigerant Regulations  for the Phaseout of HCFC-22 in 2020 on Commercial Refrigeration EPA:  Retail Food Refrigeration and the Phaseout of HCFC-22 Back in 2010, the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer became part of the US Clean Air Act establishing guidelines for the reduction of ozone-depleting pollutants like commercial refrigerant s…Read More

  2. The Power of the Home Inspection: Using the Report for Negotiation, Remodeling & Tenant Finish-Outs

    We are celebrating 20 years of serving Northern Colorado and the greater Denver area and what a journey! You have the home inspection report, but now what? Once the inspection is completed, the inspection summary provided can be used as a punch list directing negotiations and the beginning of project planning, as more than likely the layout, floors, walls, etc. will need to be modified or updated …Read More

  3. The Hot Northern Colorado Market

    A lot goes into buying or selling a home, especially if you want to get the most of your money. 2019 is poised to be a banner year for real estate in Northern Colorado and it is critical that you put some thought into the condition of your home without putting it on the market. As powerful as the market is there is talk of a turnaround and if that is the case, you need to present your home in the …Read More

  4. Do You Need An Inspection Before Listing Your Home?

    Do You Need An Inspection Before Listing Your Home? Last time we talked about upgrades on your home and what was worth performing. This month we are going to look at scheduling a home inspection before you list it on the market. At Winding River home inspection services, we are committed to providing the home buyers, sellers and owners of Northern Colorado certified inspection services. You may th…Read More

  5. Home Upgrades

    When buying a home, the first thing potential buyers generally look for are emotional triggers. You know, the things like, lighting, flooring, windows and all of the feel good features that we look for in a home. Unfortunately, it is easy to pass off a house with a ton of issues just by doing some simple upgrades. At Winding River Inspection Services, we urge you, whenever you are buying or sellin…Read More