If you are in the process of looking for a home to purchase so that you can experience a lifetime full of amazing memories, you need to be sure you get the home of your dreams inspected. A licensed home inspector isn’t hard to find, but finding one that is experienced, trustworthy and reliable may be more difficult than you had expected. At Winding River Home Inspection, we have what it takes to not only give you an amazing home inspection in the Northern Colorado area, including Loveland and Fort Collins, but we can provide these following four benefits to home buyers:

  1. Choosing us for your Loveland or Fort Collins home inspection will give you a mind free of “what ifs”, and allow you to become completely aware of what condition the home you are buying is in.
  2. Having us provide you with a licensed home inspector will reveal all of the problems that may need to either be repaired or completely replaced before you buy.
  3. We don’t want you to be completely surprised when you move into your new home. You should know the flaws of the home you’re buying before hand.
  4. If you’re a detailed person, then an inspection will only provide you the invaluable details you need to be certain that this home was made for you.

Though these are the details that a buyer will love to known, our next blog will be about why a home inspection for a seller is very beneficial!