Deciding to purchase a home is a huge commitment and investment. Finding the perfect home in a neighborhood your like and at a price that fits your budget can be very time consuming. It can take weeks, months, or some are lucky enough to find their dream home in a matter of days. Reviewing home after home to see if it fits your home buying criteria is exhausting. Once you have narrowed down your search, it is time to make an offer on the home that you feel best suits your needs. We recommend making the offer before having your Fort Collins or Loveland home inspection done. Then if the offer isn’t accepted or falls through, you aren’t out the additional cost of the inspection.

When to Order a Home Inspection

At Winding River Home Inspection, we understand that buying a home is a complicated and time consuming process. It can also be very costly. Home inspections cost a few hundred dollars and shouldn’t be done on just any prospective home. But when you do find a home and the offer sticks, we will be here ready to inspect your new found home in Fort Collins or Loveland, Colorado.

Previous Inspections

Occasionally, the seller of a home may have already had an inspection done prior to listing the property. Some sellers use a previous inspection to determine the value of their home, or increase the value by making improvements before putting the property on the market. If a previous inspection has been done, you may ask for a copy of that inspection. If a previous inspection is not sufficient for you, it is always a great idea to get a second home inspection completed for peace of mind.

So, when you find it is time for a home inspection, call your northern Colorado home inspection professionals at Winding River Inspection services!