In your journey to buying your new home there is one step that is more important than all others. No, it’s not qualifying for the right mortgage or finding the prettiest home, while these are important steps the most critical step is your home inspection! This is the step where you will find out if you are making a smart investment and if you are purchasing a home that will be safe for you and your family to live in. However, in order to get the most out of your inspection you will need to avoid the following top five mistakes:

  1. Foregoing inspection on a newly constructed home. Just because your new home has passed local codes doesn’t mean that it is ready to go. A good inspector is your first line of defense against potential issues and defects of poor construction practices.
  2. Choosing an inspector because they are the cheapest. You should choose an inspector with experience! This is a huge investment; ensure that you are making the right choice by getting your home inspected by someone who is thorough, trustworthy and competent
  3. Not attending your home inspection. If you don’t attend your home inspection it is difficult for you to get a clear picture of what is actually going on. Many buyers who don’t show up in person for their inspection end up underestimating large issues and making a poor investment.
  4. Ignoring your inspector’s recommendations. Don’t wait until after you close to get an issue fixed. Follow your inspector’s advice.
  5. Thinking your inspector is out to get you. Your inspector is hired by you, paid by you and on your side. They are there to tell you the truth about what’s going on in your home, not to sell you a home. Listen to them!