Buying a house to become your new home is a very exciting experience. Your wife wants a big open kitchen with an island to serve brunch, and you want a garage where your tools can be neatly stored and accessed. Finding a house is a long and aggressive process. You want to find the perfect home without compromising price, space, or amenities. Keep in mind, however, that this is a large investment to be made, and you should also be considering the resale value of a home before you even think about purchasing it.

“I’m not planning on selling.”

Many people do not find it necessary to look into the value or investment side of a home because they simply don’t intend to sell it, but as we all know, life happens. Life is unpredictable at times; the market can change rapidly, or you can get laid off from work. Knowing the value of the home you are interested in will also help you to judge if the selling price is fair as well. You need to know what the home is worth, and if the market predicts that your home will continue to increase in value.

The Price Is Right

Most people, when shopping for a home, have a price range in mind. You want to get the best bang for your buck. Who doesn’t? But before you get out your checkbook, you want to know exactly what you are getting. Make sure once you have found a home that you love, you call the experts at Winding River Home Inspection of Loveland for a residential inspection on the home that you are in consideration of buying. Once the residential home inspection of your potential Loveland home has been completed, it is time to make a life changing decision.

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

If the inspection comes back clean, then you are ready to go. If there are any issues within the house, you have a choice to make: Ask the owner to repair or replace whatever it is that didn’t pass inspection standards, or walk. Whether you decide to stay or go, know that your dream house is closer than you think. There are so many houses on the market, and there will likely be more that you will love. Having a licensed professional complete a home inspection is the best way to find out exactly what you are getting inside and out before purchasing it.

When you decide on the perfect home, have a clean inspection bill, and the perfect price to suit your lifestyle, it is time to pull the trigger. Put in your official offer, and hope that no one else beats out your offer! Paying cash is a sure way to guarantee your offer if you can afford to do so, if not, remember there are many more houses in the neighborhood just waiting to be toured.

As always it is critical to do your homework when you actually do find a home to buy in Fort Collins or Loveland. With Winding River on your side you can buy with the confidence of knowing that the home you chose is in good shape. We are the most comprehensive home inspection company in the area and proudly stand by our inspections. Happy house hunting from your friends at Winding River Home Inspection! Contact us when you find a home that fits the bill!