Many soon-to-be homeowners don’t realize how vital home inspections are. They don’t know that home inspections are meant to protect you from having to pay thousands of dollars out your pocket to fix a faulty home that you could have avoided, and they sometimes see a home inspector as just an extra cost that they don’t really need. If you’re reading this, know that our licensed home inspectors have what it takes to give you the red flag warnings you need to understand what you could be getting yourself into when buying a new home that isn’t in buying condition.

Don’t Ignore The Warnings

We understand that there are many great things about buying a home, but inspections shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are many common red flags that our Fort Collins and Loveland home inspection process sees as red flags that you should never ignore.

  1. Live-in pests such as termites- Being aware that the house you fell in love with has a termite problem could be enough for you to call off the buying process. Dealing with termites is never a fun thing, but if you are in love with the house you’re buying, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get information from a local termite extermination company, so that you can know what the process is for getting rid of them once and for all.

  2. Drainage issues- If the home you are looking at has poor drainage, you need to be aware of the setbacks that you could be facing, including a wet basement and wet crawl space that could eventually lead to wood rot or worse, mold growth.

Don’t go anywhere yet, our licensed home inspector wants you to know more of the red flags that are common when having a home inspection. Check back soon for our next blog. Of course you can always