If you are younger, you are probably wondering why in the world you would ever want to downsize your home, but the older you get the more you will understand the value of owning a smaller home. One of the main reasons that people downsize into a smaller home is space. Many times, you have a large family and as your children grow up and move out of your home, you realize that you don’t really need all of the extra space anymore. Smaller homes are easier to maintain. There is less space to clean, which means less time and energy from you spent dusting, vacuuming, mowing the lawn, and other chores.

Feeling Free

Owning a smaller home has a freeing effect in more than one way. First, it is mentally freeing. The more things that you own, the more mental energy is held hostage by them. Our possessions occupy our minds more than we think. Buying small will keep your mind light. You can also free yourself when downsizing by removing baggage that you have collected over the years. Most of the things that you own, you don’t actually need, so enjoy ridding yourself of years of hoarding. With less to clean, worry about, or maintain, your time will also be freed up to do what you please.

Less Storage

Some people may look at having less space as a negative thing, but not having a lot of storage space forces you to become a minimalist. It takes away the temptation to accumulate which saves you money on things that you probably didn’t need in the first place.

Saving Money

With a smaller house, naturally comes less costly utility bills. You will save money on all of your bills as well as your mortgage. Your taxes will even be less! So, you will have more money for traveling or day activities! Or use your extra cash to get ahead on your mortgage!

Less Risk

The financial risk is significantly lower when purchasing a smaller house in comparison to a big one. Being financially stable will lead to a major decrease in stress which is good for your health. Smaller and more affordable houses are also usually easier to sell then larger and more elaborate homes.

Downsizing will give you the ability to focus on the people and activities that you love, without being distracted or deterred by material items or the crippling debt that can accompany owning a large home. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, and find the perfect house to downsize into! Once you have found a smaller house that you have your heart set on, make sure you have a residential home inspection performed before finalizing any paperwork. Call your top rated local home inspection company of Northern Colorado, Winding River, for a complete and thorough home inspection that will ensure that the house is in good condition before you purchase it! Call us to schedule today!