Be prepared for a shocking fact. Take a seat if you have to. Ok, here it goes.

The state of Colorado does not require home inspectors to have a state license. That means anyone can pitch a home inspection sign and wander through your home without actually knowing how to properly check for faults. This is worrisome because there are no regulations requiring inspectors to check certain areas or follow certain restrictions.

A successful home inspector in Colorado has the following characteristics:

  • An inspection firm that has been around for some time shows credibility and dedication to the industry.
  • An inspector that has excellent hands-on knowledge and book knowledge
  • Nationally licensed ensures regulations for services since the state does not require it.
  • Licensed contractor gives a building edge for more tactical, hands-on knowledge
  • Efficient method of sharing findings and strategies for overcoming problems
  • A firm who is passionate about a safe home for you and your family

While it can be overwhelming receiving a home inspection that comes back with poor results, it’s best to have it inspected thoroughly so you aren’t blindsided by problems arising. Winding River Home Inspection Services strives to be the best residential home inspector in Northern Colorado. We are a nationally licensed residential contractor which gives us a wide breadth of knowledge regarding your home. Further, we are certified inspection training associates for home inspection as well as commercial and industrial. We strive for safety, which is why we dedicate our lives to ensuring your home is a safe place to reside.

Please contact us today and prevent any problems down the road.