A residential home inspection in Northern Colorado doesn’t have to be for a new home. You can (and should) get your home inspected if you are doing any remodeling. Having a home inspector on the project from the very beginning is beneficial to ensure quality work is happening along the way. If you wait until the very end of the remodel to hire an inspector and the inspector notices a large problem that could have been avoided at an earlier stage, it will be frustrating for everyone.

Beginning The Remodel

Prior to ripping out any walls, hire an inspector to ensure your home is capable of holding the remodel ideas and designs. The best place to start is inspecting the foundational base of your home. Without a sturdy structure to stand on, your home can be more susceptible to damage in the future, especially if you are renovating.

During The Remodel

As different services are readjusted and altered in your home, it’s imperative to check that everything is back in its proper working place. If you rewire electricity or reroute plumbing, you want a residential home inspection to come check the work and ensure it is done correctly. It is more difficult to fix these problems after the project is complete. While it may seem like it takes longer to do many inspections throughout the remodel, it saves time in the end by doing the project right the first time.

After The Remodel

Congratulations! You’ve successfully remodeled a portion of your home. Now it’s time to stay on top of the annual maintenance. Keeping track of different utilities and operational features of your home keeps it functioning as intended.

A comprehensive home inspection can identify potential issues and Winding River Inspection Services, LLC. is the first call you need to make when remodeling your Northern Colorado home.