A residential home inspection is a great idea for all homeowners. Whether you’re trying to buy a home, sell a home, or keep your current home well maintained, call on Winding River Inspection Services – the Top Rated Local® Inspection Service company in Northern Colorado.  There are lots of questions regarding residential home inspections, so today’s blog adds a few more points to our frequently asked questions.

What Is A Home Inspection?

The purpose of a home inspection is to set the eyes of a professional on a home to ensure everything is working as intended. A professional inspector will come to the home and check that all appliances, structure, innerworkings, and more are up to code. The general idea is to ensure that your home is safe, maintenance is up to par, and you are informed about potential risks or hazards that could arise in the future.

How Do I Know My Home Was Inspected Well?

It can be tough to know the truth with inspection companies in CO since there are no lawful regulations. However, there are national organizations that offer certifications based on high-qualifications. While the state may not regulate good service, there are third party groups that ensure the best inspection services. A licensed inspector is trained and qualified to provide thorough, well done inspections.

Can I Be Present At The Inspection?

Of course! In fact, it’s best if you are present at the inspection so you can see exactly what is happening. If you are living out of state, feel free to request digital photos taken to give you the second-best look at your home.

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