Imagine you’ve just purchased your dream home. Equipped with beautiful framing, calming interior, and a luscious yard, there is no better escape! Unfortunately, not all stories are fairytales. Beneath your beautiful yard lives a toxic, radioactive gas that has been known to cause lung cancer, even in the lungs of non-smokers. Dubbed “the silent killer,” radon has been known to cause the deaths of over 20,000 Americans each year. About 10% of these victims have never even smoked tobacco products. Because radon is the second-highest lung cancer carcinogen throughout the United States it should be pretty easy to spot, right?

Unfortunately not. Radon is an odorless, colorless, radioactive byproduct of decaying uranium. Because it thrives in soils (most soil samples have traces of radon in them), it creeps into homes through the foundation along with any cracks in the structure. Over time it builds up, creating a toxic space for breathing.

While most areas of soil have traces of radon in the samples, radon does not pose much threat to the outside world. It is when radon gets trapped in a closed environment that the dangers start to become apparent. Highly concentrated levels of the gas are extremely dangerous, especially when it invades an occupied house. Here at Winding River Home Inspection, we provide licensed home inspections and radon tests, ensuring the safety of your home and those in it. Read on to discover the importance of radon testing, and determine if you too should invest in a radon test!

Your Family

In your eyes, they matter more than everyone else. It’s time to treat them like it and show them you care about their well being. Radon testing should be a given for any homeowner that intends on starting or already has started a family. Your children deserve to breathe quality air, especially in the safety of their own home. While it is not proven that children are at higher risk of radon-induced lung cancer, a simple radon test will destroy any questioning about the quality and safety of the air they breathe at home.

Property Value

Partaking in a home radon test can make a difference in the value of the home you reside in. When putting your house up for sale, oftentimes it is subject to a radon test before the sale is finalized. Don’t go into a real estate sale wondering if the radon levels are safe for your potential buyer. Taking a radon test beforehand (with clean results) can increase that value because the new owner will know that the property is safe to live in. If you do not get the home tested for radon prior to listing, a potential buyer or agency could get the house tested. If the results come back grisly (and you didn’t even know about the possibility of radon in the property), the buyer will have zero confidence in your ability to sell or manage a property. This will lead to a sharp decline in expected sale price, and an increased cost to install a radon mitigation system.

Clear Your Conscious with Winding River Home Inspection

Whether you are buying or selling a home, do what’s right. Don’t walk in or walk out of a home with dangerous radon, walk into Winding River Home Inspection. Contact us today to see how we can test your home today!