Winding River is excited to be the number one professional licensed home inspector for all of your needs. From mold inspection to well water testing, we offer a wide array of services for your house. One overlooked option is the ordering of a home energy audit. Yes, it can be an efficient tool for making your life more comfortable in a variety of ways! No, it isn’t as scary as the word audit makes it sound. Today we will look at the “what” and “why” for this home inspector service.

An energy audit, in simplest terms, is the evaluation of your home for how efficient it is with utilizing that energy. When it comes to heating and cooling, your house can lose efficiency through drafts, windows, doors, ceilings, and so on. We also look at a host of other factors, such as:

  • Insulation efficiency

  • HVAC leaks

  • Overall air quality

  • Furnace condition

  • Filter checks

The list above mentions a few pieces of our comprehensive inspection of your home energy consumption. Part of the process includes interior and exterior inspections for general safety. We also look for excess moisture in the house – key for air efficiency and quality. Energy auditors also typically collect as much information as possible to see energy usage trends and strategize to make your house more able to handle the outside conditions. Northern Colorado sees a wide range of temperatures throughout the year. That’s why we here at Winding River offer this service – for both you and the environment!

If you are fighting to both keep your house at a comfortable temperature and pay your energy bill, an energy audit might be a wise decision. We are your professional home and commercial building inspector for the task. Once the inspection is complete, we will compile a comprehensive report that looks at every part of your home and how we can improve efficiency. The goal here is to make you, the homeowner, more comfortable year-round while also saving you money in the long run. We look at this service as a win-win and are happy to check your abode in the Loveland and Fort Collins area. Contact us today for any of your home inspection needs!