When purchasing something that is as big of an investment as a house, it is important to ensure that there are no major issues lurking within the house before making it your home. This means checking everything out for any issues. Let’s take a look at some of the potential issues to check for:


If you are buying an older home, this is a big one. This is most prevalent in homes that were built prior to 1980.  Newer homes can also have asbestos, it is just less likely. It is important to have your house tested for asbestos to make sure that you won’t have a disaster on your hands after purchasing it.


Water issues can happen in a number of places in a house. You will want to have the plumbing and pipes inspected to prevent bursting or leaking pipes. You will also want to have the roof and gutters inspected to ensure that there are no places for water to leak into the home when there is precipitation, and to make sure that the gutters are functioning properly to ensure that the water will drain properly away from your home


You want to check the wiring, first off to make sure that there are no fire hazards or unsafe DIY wiring jobs done in the house. Also if you are purchasing an older home it is crucial to check for tube and/or knob wiring. This type of wiring is not up to code, and it can be very costly to get it there. Having wiring that isn’t up to code may leave your home uninsurable.

For peace of mind, and to avoid costly repairs or remodels, have any home that you are considering buying inspected by a licensed home inspector.  Winding River Home Inspection is your Top Rated Local® licensed home inspector. Call us today to schedule your inspection!