The Colorado economy is booming! With a booming economy comes people. And with people come the need for more houses. People are flocking to the Front Range, building homes from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins (really, everywhere in our state!). As home builders construct more and more houses, it’s imperative that the new construction is inspected for quality.

New Construction and More

As a licensed inspector in Fort Collins, Winding River Inspection Services offers phase inspections for new construction from the ground-breaking to final walk-throughs and many times during the process. The purpose of phase inspections is to ensure that any challenges that arise are immediately addressed. Since the industry demand is very high, builders are constructing homes faster than ever and, unfortunately, this can result in error.

Check All of the Boxes

Our purpose is to provide a third-party set of eyes for a quality check. The last thing you’ll want in a new home is structural, electrical, or plumbing problems, and thorough inspections during the construction can help avoid these errors. It’s not our purpose to call out contractors for bad construction techniques, but it is our purpose to ensure your home is up to code and is a safe place for you to live. Generally, if we find a problem during our inspection, we alert the builder to solve the problem as well as develop a solution to halt the problem from happening again.

Insist on a Licensed Inspector like Winding River

So if you are building a new home in Fort Collins, call your builder and tell them you want a licensed inspector from Winding River to perform thorough phase inspections during construction! Call us today if you have any questions.