The inspection report is our way of sharing with you the information we gathered during your inspection. Thanks to the technological advancements of the twenty-first century, our report process is simple and effective. As we go through the inspection, we take notes digitally. This allows us to build the inspection report as we go. As a licensed home inspector in Fort Collins, we understand the necessity of formal record keeping. We want you to be fully informed about your home or a home you are purchasing.

Comprehensive Reporting

Whether you walked through the inspection by our side or were not able to attend, you will receive a report as soon as the inspection has concluded. To view the inspection report digitally, you will log into our website (or by clicking this link with secure credentials. If you’ve stuck with us by our side through the inspection and prefer a tangible copy of your report, we have the ability to print your full inspection report on site.

Insist on a Licensed and Certified Inspector like Winding River

The state of Colorado does not regulate home or business inspectors, so anyone can claim to be an inspector. To ensure your trust in us we have completed national licensing programs. Therefore you can rest assured that your home is inspected by professionals when you work with Winding River Home Inspections. It’s our duty to provide you with a professional report to keep for your records. A digital copy is great for record keeping through the years.

Call on Winding River for a licensed inspection for your home in Fort Collins and surrounding Northern Colorado towns.