Winding River Inspection Services, although the State does not regulate inspection licences, is highly qualified to perform a wide variety of inspections. From residential to commercial and many things in between, Winding River is here for you as a licensed inspector in Fort Collins. Check out all licenses and certifications here.

Winding River provides inspections to ensure your home or business is running efficiently. We perform inspections on new construction projects. With us involved from the beginning, we can monitor the construction process from the ground breaking through the final walk-through. All the while we are checking for errors caused by lack of building time or any missed items. Alongside fixing the error, we help fix the process to prevent these errors in the future. We want your project to be in the best condition when you move in!

If you are buying or selling a home, Winding River will inspect your living quarters. Through our many courses and tests to become a licensed contractor, we have learned the ins and outs of residential inspections, servicing anywhere from turn-of-the-century homes to smart houses of today’s modern age. We inspect homes for buyers and for sellers interested in a pre-listing inspection.

Our commercial inspections for existing buildings ensure everything is up to par to continue running a safe and efficient business. Our repertoire includes the Fort Collins Library, strip malls, nursing homes, tract homes, and a veterinarian hospital.

Winding River Inspection Services Full Service List: