It can be hard to see the sunlight through the trees when you are on a fierce house hunt for the house of your dreams. You have spent hours fawning over magazines that contain homes with granite counter tops, the perfect mocha colored walls in the kitchen, and plantation shutters. The image that you have created in your head of what your dream home should look like may not necessarily be suited for your price range or location. You begin the process of looking at homes. This home is too big, this home is too small, this home is the right size but the carpet is hideous. The main thing to look at when purchasing a home, or thinking of doing so, is the size and amenities. You can always redecorate, or tear out flooring, The foundation of the home is what is important.


When you walk into a home, don’t pay much attention to the outdated flooring and hideous walls. Of course you have to think of what it would cost you to update all of those things, but they aren’t the most important pieces of the house. There more important aspects include making sure that everything is up to code and ensuring that the plumbing and HVAC systems are functioning properly. There are many issues that can occur in a house that may not be obvious to the naked eye, which is why it is important to call in an expert. You need a Loveland licensed home inspector! The licensed home inspectors at Winding River are more than happy to help you move forward in the process of what may or may not be your dream home. Contact us today!